Training Programs

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Elite Training Program-


Behavioural consults delivered in the privacy of your own home.  We acknowledge all dogs, and humans, are different.  At Melanie Scott K9 Training we tailor programs specifically designed to suit both you and your dog.  At the end of the consult you will be confident to handle your dog’s problems and will be provided with a written copy of your training plan.





Behavioural problems include nuisance barking, digging in the garden, mouthing, jumping up, pulling washing off the clothesline, chewing furniture, aggression issues, resource guarding, separation anxiety and more.

We have solutions to your problems!

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Puppy education

Start your puppy’s education as soon as you bring your puppy home.  Designed for puppies up to 12 months of age, Puppy Education teaches your puppy manners, obedience and assists in toilet training.

We redirect destructive puppy habits such as mouthing, chewing and digging and turn this energy into constructive play and mental stimulation suited to your puppy’s needs.

Considering purchasing a puppy?  We can inspect your house and yard for hazards, provide you with advice on introducing a puppy to your family and prepare you for your puppy’s arrival.

See our Puppy Services page for more information.

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Kids + Dogs program

Dog bite prevention education for children and parents.  Information on understanding dog behaviour, recognise when a dog needs space and how to teach your children to play with and train your dog.

  • 13 000 people are bitten by dogs each year in Australia,
  • The majority of these cases are children under the age of five.  Children often sustain bites to their face, neck and head requiring medical intervention and can cause disfigurement and scarring.
  • Family dogs are usually responsible for these bites.  Common triggers for bites include children climbing on the dog, interrupting it’s sleep, touching the dog while it’s eating and a lack of parental supervision between the child and dog.

Teaching children how to interact with dogs can reduce this risk!  Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Melanie Scott’s Instructor qualifications

Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training from the National Dog Trainers Federation (NDTF) 2014, Top Dog USA Teamwork I, Instructor Qualification Certificate 2015.

Melanie is constantly attending workshops and courses to keep up to date with the latest training techniques.

Melanie Scott K9 Training is a member of the PIAA (Pet Industry Association of Australia)

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