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Time Saver Package For Busy Fur Parents 4×1 Hour


Short on time? We can help train your dog

The Time Saver Package is ideal for those busy fur parents who need their dog trained. Our highly experienced trainers dedicate one-on-one time with your dog to give them the special training their require.

What the Package Includes:

Consult 1: This first 1 hour consists of meeting with you and your dog to allow us to fully understand your dog’s behaviour, any previous training and triggers (30mins). The dog trainer will then spend a 30 minute session training your dog, developing a persoanlised training program. Your attendance for this is optional.  Notes will be provided to you after your consultation.

Consults 2 & 3: Both are 1 hour dog training sessions with your dog, where your attendance is optional.  Notes will be provided to you after your consultation.

Consult 4:  This session starts witha  30 minute session with the dog trainer training your dog (with your attendance being optional). Following this session, the dog trainer will meet with you to train both you and your dog. We will teach you the training techniques we have been using and provide a complete handover for you to continue on from here. Notes are provided to you after your consultation.

Package Cost: $1,095 for the 4x 1 hour consults and $200 per consult for additonal dogs

* all prices are including GST 

Location: At your home

 Any dog to human aggression issues (your dog is fearful of/has bitten strangers), please book an Aggression Package.

4×1 Hour, 4×1 Hour + Additional Dog

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