Training Tips



Motivating your dog:

To get the best out of your dog you need to find out what motivates him?  What does your dog value the most?   Food, toys, attention (pats, cuddles or praise)?

Experiment with different kinds of food treats, roast chicken, liver treats, Devon?  Which treat does he prefer?  Only use this food during training, it will hold more value if he isn’t allowed free access to it, treats come from you!

Does your dog have a favourite toy?  If so, keep that toy aside and only use it to reward him during training.  It has to be his favourite toy, not yours! Even if that means it’s the half destroyed tennis ball he treasures rather than the small fluffy toy you bought him last week.

Your dog isn’t interested in food or toys but loves praise?  No problem, you can use this in training as a reward.


Why Puppy Classes?

In the first few months of a puppy’s life it’s very important to ‘socialise’ him/her to a variety of different environments (including noises, people, places, objects and other animals). It’s never too early to start with your puppy, in fact the most crucial learning time for your puppy occurs before your puppy is four months old! Puppies can grow up fearful and anxious without adequate socialisation.

It is important when introducing your pup to new things that it’s done in a way that is not overwhelming to your puppy. In puppy class, puppies are exposed to new situations in a controlled way and you are shown how to continue to develop their confidence at home.

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