Puppy Education

Puppy Education

Elite Training Packages

Start your puppy’s education as soon as you bring your puppy home (including toilet training and basic obedience).

We redirect destructive puppy habits such as mouthing, chewing and digging and turn this energy into constructive play and mental stimulation suited to your puppy’s needs.

Learn how to introduce your puppy to new situations in a controlled way.  We help you to continue to develop your puppy’s confidence at home.  It is important when introducing your pup to new things that it’s done in a way that is not overwhelming to your puppy. Puppies can grow up fearful and anxious without adequate socialisation.  We help give your puppy a head start.

Considering purchasing a puppy?  We can inspect your house and yard for hazards, provide you with advice on introducing a puppy to your family and prepare you for your puppy’s arrival.