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Amazing well worth the investment to gave Melanie spend time with your k9 mates.  Amazing trainer patience of a saint and amazing knowledge and skills .  



Mel is an amazing trainer who really knows her stuff. She uses positive reinforcement with modern dog behavioural science at the root of every training method. She has an amazing manner with both dogs and with people. She helps both the dog and the owner to feel more confident. It feels like you and the dog are learning really quickly, but it’s always at the right pace for the dog and owner.

Mel started out just helping me train my overexcited new puppy, and now with Mel’s help my dog is training to be a fully-accredited Service Dog to help with my mental health and my Autism. I never knew what we could accomplish until Mel started working with us.

I recommend Mel as a trainer for any dog, whether it’s for basic puppy advice and housetraining, general obedience, or something as complex and involved as training a Service Dog!


Why trust us?

Melanie Scott is an ex-police officer with PTSD.  Melanie is a nationally qualified dog trainer who is passionate about dog training and developing the bond between you and your dog.   As a former First Responder, Melanie understands the demands of the job and is dedicated to promoting PTSD awareness and helping others.  Trustworthy, fully insured, WWC check, police check, member of PIAA (Pet Industry Association of Australia)

Melanie Scott K9 Training (MSK9T) offers a variety of services including:

  • Elite Training Programs including behavioural consults

  • Kids + Dogs program

  • Puppy education

  • Therapy and Service Dog training

We understand everyone is different, with different needs.  During the Elite Training Program we tailor a programme to suit not only you but your dog.

Melanie provides compassion  with personal experience and knowledge in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), mobility issues and chronic pain.  We can help train your dog to Public Access standards and provide you with help, support and guidance every step of the way.

MSK9T can provide Service and Therapy Dog training for a range of other medical issues including Autism Spectrum, Anxiety, Depression, mobility issues and mental health conditions.


Melanie Scott’s Instructor qualifications

Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training from the National Dog Trainers Federation (NDTF) 2014, Top Dog USA Teamwork I, Instructor Qualification Certificate 2015

Melanie Scott K9 Training is a member of the PIAA (Pet Industry Association of Australia)

Proud sponsor of the SEBP Police Science Journal, Response Magazine, Australian 000 Journal


Contact: 0448 395 797






Melanie Scott K9 Training is a proud sponsor of K9s 4 Valour.  K9s 4 Valour is a not-for-profit charity that aims to reduce the stigma and raise awareness of PTSD in First Responders by training Service Dogs to alleviate symptoms.  Melanie Scott founded the charity in 2015.