Amazing well worth the investment to gave Melanie spend time with your k9 mates.  Amazing trainer patience of a saint and amazing knowledge and skills .  



Mel is an amazing trainer who really knows her stuff. She uses positive reinforcement with modern dog behavioural science at the root of every training method. She has an amazing manner with both dogs and with people. She helps both the dog and the owner to feel more confident. It feels like you and the dog are learning really quickly, but it’s always at the right pace for the dog and owner.

Mel started out just helping me train my overexcited new puppy, and now with Mel’s help my dog is training to be a fully-accredited Service Dog to help with my mental health and my Autism. I never knew what we could accomplish until Mel started working with us.

I recommend Mel as a trainer for any dog, whether it’s for basic puppy advice and housetraining, general obedience, or something as complex and involved as training a Service Dog!