Private In-Home consults-We come to you!  This service is open to everyone!  During these consults we offer obedience training, behaviour consults, puppy lessons, Therapy and Service Dog level training. We tailor a programme to suit both you and your dog’s needs. Refer to FAQs for a pricing guide.

Behavioural consults– MSK9T can provide private in-home consults for a range of behavioural problems e.g. digging in the garden, mouthing, jumping up, pulling washing off the clothesline, nuisance barking, chewing furniture, aggression issues etc.

PTSD Therapy Dog training– Offered during Private In-Home Consults.  Learn skills to train your dog to alleviate your PTSD symptoms.  Refer to FAQs to explain the difference between Service and Therapy Dogs.

Service and Therapy Dog training is also available for a range of professionally diagnosed medical conditions including Autism Spectrum, anxiety, depression, mobility issues, hearing difficulties, diabetes, epilepsy

First Responder group obedience classesClasses are based on having fun and bonding with your dog.  In addition to basic obedience we include various activities each week e.g. Agility fun, Games, Rally-O and Trick training. Group classes are divided into 5 obedience levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Service Dog levels Platinum and Ultimate.  You must be a First Responder to be eligible to attend group classes.  Refer to FAQs for MSK9T membership and class costs.

PTSD Service Dog training classes– Higher levels of obedience offered in Platinum and Ultimate classes. Obedience standards required to meet the Public Access Test and  learn skills to alleviate PTSD symptoms.  You must be a First Responder to  be eligible to attend group classes. 

Everyone is eligible to obtain this training during Private In-Home Consults, refer to FAQs for a pricing guide.  Refer to FAQs to explain the difference between Service and Therapy Dogs.


Puppy classes– Classes for puppies up to 6 months of age.  Your puppy must have received their first vaccination before commencing group classes.  You must be a First Responder to be eligible to attend group puppy classes.  Alternatively puppy education and training can be offered during  our in-home consults.